4 Emergency Applications when Corona Virus is Absorbing

Corona virus entry into Indonesia makes people worried about contracting this virus. To prevent transmission, people are advised to diligently wash their hands and strengthen endurance. In addition, there are several important applications that can be downloaded to reduce your visit to crowded places that may have Corona virus.

Preventive measures such as avoiding traveling to crowded public places do need to be done for a while, in order to avoid transmission of the Corona virus. Then, how can we fulfill our daily needs and carry out other important activities without leaving the house? Don't worry, there are several applications that can help you.

Emergency Application Options when Corona Virus Spreads

The following important applications can greatly facilitate your various activities, from shopping for household needs, paying bills, to enjoying entertainment, without having to visit crowded places:

1. HappyFresh

HappyFresh is one of the applications that you need to download on Google Play and the App Store. HappyFresh can make it easier for you to get a variety of daily needs without the need to go to a supermarket or a busy shopping center.

All you have to do is order the items needed through this application, then "Personal Shopper" who is trained in maintaining the quality and cleanliness of HappyFresh will buy them for you and drive them directly to home. With a delivery time of at most one hour from a large supermarket of your choice, such as Lotte Mart, Giant, Ranch Market, Farmers Market.

Various daily and monthly necessities can be ordered through HappyFresh, starting from basic needs, such as rice, baby milk, vegetables and fruit, to other needs, such as soap, toothbrushes, and even food for your pet. You can order all of these at HappyFresh because this application has worked with many supermarkets and large shopping centers.

2. Tokopedia

There are various services provided by Tokopedia. One of them is a monthly bill payment service. You can pay various bills only through this one application, without the need to leave home. Simply download the Tokopedia application via Google Play or App Store.

Bills that you can pay through the Tokopedia app include telephone bills, credit purchases, electricity payments or electricity pulses, to internet and cable TV bills.

3. Teacher's Room

If your child's school is temporarily closed, the Teacher Room application can be a "room" for children to study at home. This application provides learning services for elementary, middle, and high school students. The lessons given have also been adapted to the national curriculum and specifically designed by experienced teachers. You can download this application on Google Play or App Store.

4. Netflix

If the Corona virus is not controlled, the government can close public places, including entertainment venues. So you don't feel bored at home and still be able to get entertainment, download the Netflix app on Google Play or the App Store. Netflix provides a variety of high-quality TV series and feature films from various countries.

Those are some applications that can "save" you and reduce your risk of Corona virus exposure in public places. If you experience complaints that can lead to symptoms of Corona virus infection or COVID-19, such as fever, coughing, and shortness of breath, you should immediately consult a doctor and not come to work until your condition really improves.

If you have questions related to health conditions, do not hesitate to consult with a doctor on the Alodokter application via the chat feature with the doctor. You can also contact the Ministry of Health hotline at 119 ext 9 to get the latest information on the Corona virus.