4 Ways That the Mind Can Focus While Learning and Is Not Distracted

Living in a world with easy access to the outside world is certainly very beneficial. But on the other hand, convenience is not uncommon to make your mind difficult to focus or do the task because there are too many distractions, one of them playing mobile. Then, how can you focus on learning?

So that assignments don't get more piling up because they move on to other jobs more often, there are several ways you can do to get rid of the hassle.

The way to stay focused on learning without any interruption

According to research from Stanford University, people who often do more than two jobs at one time alias multitasking are considered less profitable. This is because you tend to be easily distracted by other jobs, so it might take longer to finish the first job.

For example, you try to complete the thesis while working part time. This side job requires a separate time involving social media. As a result, the progress of the script is hampered and you might be confused about which one to prioritize.

Therefore, the way you can focus more study or work on the task by reducing to eliminate distractions that come from anywhere. Here it is some tips to keep concentrating while studying.

1. How to focus learning by analyzing the disturbances that arise

One way to stay focused on learning without any distraction is to find out what has distracted your concentration. First of all, identify the reason why the disorder keeps appearing. For example, you take time to do assignments because you often reply to friends' messages on your cellphone.

At first you might not recognize that this is a nuisance or even think the message from someone else is a priority. However, without you realizing this type of interference it is more difficult to stop.

Therefore, you can acknowledge it by shouting it so that the awareness that the activities carried out at that time are a greater disturbance.

2. Study in a quiet room

After successfully realizing what is bothering you, another way to focus on learning is to do it in a quiet room.

The voices of people who are talking or from television apparently affect your concentration when studying, especially when reading. Usually, people who read in a room where the background of the voice is not relevant to the reading material, it is more difficult to understand what they are reading.

When they are in the room, the person often repeats the words and reads them again.

Meanwhile, their brains unconsciously try to interpret words or other sounds that have nothing to do with their reading material. In fact, listening to songs while studying can interfere with concentration because of the same thing.

Therefore, studying in a quiet room, including a fairly effective way to reduce your learning disruption.

3. Limiting cellphone use

Mobile phones with sophisticated and high-speed internet might make you more comfortable to linger through cyberspace than doing work. As a result, you have difficulty focusing on learning and the time to work on assignments becomes impeded.

So that this does not become a hindrance, make it a habit to turn off the cell phone when you start studying. If necessary, place the cell phone in your bag so that the desire to reactivate it decreases.

However, if you are worried that an important message or call will come in, your mobile can be turned into vibrate mode. Don't forget to turn off internet access so that there is less tendency to play mobile phones.

4. Bring the items needed closer

How to increase the focus of learning without any distractions can also be done by bringing the items that are needed when working on assignments.

For example, you need to complete a drawing assignment from school. Before doing so, try to make a list of what items are needed when the process is in progress.

Starting from pencils, pens, erasers, rulers, to maybe a glass for drinking you can put in the list. Then, you can also place these items within the reach of your eyes and hands.

It is intended that you no longer need to move from the table and look for the items needed in the middle of doing work and disrupt concentration.