Don't Immediately Use New Towels, Wash First This Way

Buying a new towel can be a solution to replace your old towel with a cleaner one. As with newly bought clothes, new towels are also full of various things that might cause illness if in direct contact with the skin. So, how do you wash new towels to be safe to use?

The importance of washing new towels before use

A towel goes through many processes before reaching your hands. Starting from manufacturing, shipping, storage, and finally sales. When passing through this whole process, the towel will be exposed to germs, bacteria, and chemicals.

Philip Tierno, a microbiologist and pathologist at New York University, United States, conducted a study of microbes in various textile products. The result, there are noroviruses, fungi, strep and staph bacteria, and even stool bacteria in these products.

You need to wash new towels in the right way because this is the most effective step to prevent the spread of microbes. If not, a variety of microbes in a new towel can infect the body when you touch the eyes, nose, and mouth.

In addition to microbes, towels are exposed to chemicals during the production process. These chemicals come from bleach, dyes, resins, formaldehyde, and other substances added in the final stages of making towels.

The chemicals in new towels can trigger allergic reactions or cause contact dermatitis when in contact with skin. Reporting from DermNet NZ, common symptoms include rashes, itching, and the appearance of scaly bumps.

Washing new towels in the right way may not eliminate all chemicals that are attached to the product. However, you can reduce your risk of contact dermatitis or allergies due to chemicals.

Tips for washing new towels before use

The way you wash a towel for the first time can affect its softness, endurance, and ability to absorb water. So, make sure you follow the steps of washing right so that the quality of the towel is maintained.

Here are the steps you can take:

1. Wash the towel with a washing machine

First, pay attention to the washing guide label attached to the towel. If there is a 'hot water' or 'cold water' symbol, the towel cannot be washed with a washing machine. You need to wash the new towel by rubbing it.

Separate the white towel from the colored towel to prevent fading. Wash white towels in the same way as washing ordinary clothes. Then, wash the colored towels using detergent in half the amount you normally use.

Pour 240 ml of white vinegar into a towel that has been given detergent. Vinegar is useful for maintaining the color of the towel so that it lasts longer. Wash for a few minutes. Use warm water if allowed in the washing instructions label.

Remove the towel and rub to reduce excess water. After the water is reduced, dry the towel with a dryer in the washing machine. Remove a clean towel, then dry in the wind.

2. Wash with rubbed

Some types of towels are made from softer materials so they cannot be washed by machine. So you have to wash it by hand. Simply prepare a large tub, fill with normal temperature water, then pour the liquid detergent and mix until smooth.

Add the towel until it is all in the water, then soak it for a while. After ten minutes, remove the towel and rub it like you would do laundry. Continue until you reach all parts of the towel.

Once all parts of the towel have been rubbed, remove the soaking water. Rinse the towel until there is no foam attached. Squeeze all parts of the towel to reduce excess water, then dry in the wind.

New towels can be a source of disease if you don't wash these items properly. The reason is, various kinds of viruses, bacteria, and chemicals that stick to it can cause adverse effects on health.

Before wearing a new towel, make sure you wash it first. Either by rubbing or using a washing machine, the most important thing is you wash the towel thoroughly and dry it until it is completely dry.