Prevent Corona Virus by Strengthening the Body's Immune System

Corona virus has infected hundreds of thousands of people around the world, in Indonesia until this article was published, hundreds of people were positively affected by COVID-19. Strengthening the body's immune system is one way that can be done to ward off the transmission of this virus. Not only Corona virus, a strong immune system can also protect the body from various other diseases.

Novel coronavirus 2019 (2019-nCoV) or better known as Corona virus is a virus that can cause respiratory system disorders, pneumonia (lung infections) that are acute, and kidney failure. WHO officially gave the name COVID-19 (Coronavirus disease 2019) for this Corona virus.

Until now, there is no vaccine available that can prevent Corona virus infection or COVID-19. This is what led the Indonesian Ministry of Health to urge that the Indonesian people always run a clean life (hygienic) and always maintain endurance.

How to Strengthen the Immune System to Prevent Corona Virus

Basically, the human body has an immune system to fight viruses and bacteria that cause disease. However, there are things that can weaken the immune system or a person's immune system, including aging, malnutrition, disease, and even certain drugs. Therefore, the function of the immune system needs to be maintained so that the immune system is strong.

Here are natural ways you can do to maintain the immune system or immune system:

1. Eat nutritious foods

Consumption of foods rich in antioxidants, such as vegetables and fruits, can help the body fight free radicals. If you have a lot of free radicals in your body, your immune system can be disrupted and you become more susceptible to Corona virus infection.

In addition, to maintain body immunity, adequate nutrition is also needed. Increase consumption of lean meat, nuts, and seeds so that your immune system is strong. Onions and ginger are also good for consumption because they are believed to help the body fight infection and soothe inflammation.

2. Exercise regularly

Exercise has also been shown to increase endurance and reduce inflammation. However, you need to remember, regular exercise has a better effect on the immune system than exercise that is only occasionally. So, take the time to exercise for at least 30 minutes every day.

3. Manage stress well

Prolonged stress can increase the production of the hormone cortisol. High cortisol hormone levels can interfere with the work of the immune system in fighting infection. Therefore, try to manage stress well so that your immune system is maintained and strong against Corona virus infection.

Stress can be controlled with simple things, for example by getting enough sleep every day. You can also do things that are fun so that your body and mind relax, for example hanging out with friends, sightseeing, doing your hobbies, or doing meditation.

4. Get enough rest

Although it sounds simple, lack of sleep has been proven to have a negative impact on health. One of them is a decrease in endurance, so various diseases can more easily attack.

Adequate sleep can make your body stronger against Corona virus exposure. Adults need about 7-8 hours of sleep a day, while children need 10 hours or more of sleep.

5. Taking supplements supporting immune system

To prevent Corona virus infection, you can also consider taking supplements that can strengthen your immune system. The content of vitamins and minerals in supplements, such as vitamin C (sodium ascorbate), vitamin B3 (nicotinamide), vitamin B5 (dexpanthenol), vitamin B6 (pyridoxine hcl), vitamin E (alpha tocopheryl), zinc picolinate, and sodium selenite, can increase the performance of the immune system in fighting infections caused by viruses or bacteria, including Corona virus infections. On the other hand, vitamins B3, B5, and B6 can repair body cells damaged by illness.

In addition to strengthening the immune system in a variety of ways above, you also need to make efforts to prevent transmission of the Corona virus, namely:

  1. Wash your hands regularly with soap and water, or with a hand sanitizer
  2. Do not touch the face, nose and eyes with dirty or unwashed hands
  3. Avoid going to areas that have been infected with Corona virus or have the potential to become a location for virus spread

If you have certain medical conditions that make you vulnerable to infection, or if you have to travel to a place that is prone to Corona virus infections, don't hesitate to ask your doctor about things you need to do to avoid this infection.

Come on, we are both maintaining a strong immune system by exercising regularly, managing stress, resting, and eating nutritious foods, as well as supporting supplements for the body with a collection of vitamins and minerals!